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About Vermillion Promotions

For more than two and a half decades, Vermillion Promotions has inspired people of all ages about the arts. Our mission is creating cultural awareness and exposure to the arts by producing first class venues for established and emerging artists and craftsmen. Our passion is to make a lasting connection between artists, collectors, art enthusiasts and festival goers.

As event planning specialists, we pride ourselves on consistent professionalism and operational excellence, with a foundation based on the old-fashioned values of hard work, commitment and going above and beyond expectations. The pillars of our success are a strong and diverse network of knowledgeable and skilled industry professionals who share our high standards and philosophy.

Offering marketing strategies designed to promote events to a broad audience, both regionally and nationally, Vermillion Promotions provides a comprehensive advertising and promotional campaign. Hospitality is equally important, and we take pride in knowing that our events provide special amenities to our participants and sponsors alike, including convenient parking, easy access, overnight security, hearty refreshments and a friendly experienced staff with a reputation for running well-organized events.