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Bob Bonn

Bob Bonn's art grab's your senses and immediately transports you into a fantasy world of brilliant color and imagination. Bonn, whose father Fred Bonn, was an exhibitor at the Sawdust Art Festival has been a familiar vibrant personality of the show. His acrylic paints exude his personality and humor. His works are full of characters of the Wild West, but perhaps one recurring element in his paintings are the grinning gatos (cats).

Bonn has created a number of public art commissions for the City of Laguna Beach. His large scale painted banners can be seen downtown during the summer season and are part of the City of Laguna Beach public art collection. In addition, Bonn participated in painting a parking meter, funds from which go to assist homeless programs. "The Laguna Beach community is so important to me, it's where I grew up, it's where I live with my wife, and where my children go to school." Last year, students at El Morro received a sneak preview of this latest public art banner. "Student's had so many articulate questions about art; it was wonderful to share some of my knowledge with them."

Having graduated from California State Northridge and the University of California, Santa Barbara, Bonn travelled Europe absorbing the works and influences of both the Master painters and contemporary artists that help to conceive and refine his own style. "To be exposed to art, museums and galleries is hugely influential" said Bonn. Over the past months Bonn has taken the importance of arts education further by working with children whose parents are on military duty. "It's imperative these kids get an outlet, such as painting, to express themselves. They miss their parents so much, I hope by painting a picture it brings a little normality to their lives."