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Vermillion Promotions presents Art, Wine, Culinary Festivals in Arizona

Fernando Benally

My art career was established by my grandmother Lupe Benally who was the first to sell her craft as a main source of income and has been responsible for providing wonderful guidance with her presence ever since. My uncle Ernest, uncle Chester, my aunt Rita also play an important role with my success. They have shaped my life by being role models with their discipline to their art. They have taught me what stones to use and the weight of the metals so the jewelry has a beautiful presence and feeling for the collector. My partner Melody and our daughters Oljaii (6), Ndezolth (20 months) are continuously showing me new levels of love and the joy life is. Oljaii and Ndezolth also assist with showing me the art and balance of fatherhood. Thank you all for being their for me in my life and I Love You All!!