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Jan Hayden

Jan Hayden is the daughter of an Arizona pioneer family. She was raised in the desert and spent her summers in the beautiful and fertile Oak Creek Canyon. It occurred to her that her very being was similar to those Southwest landscapes: a dry and often unappreciated desert, as well as the fertile and abundant canyons. Growing up in the '50's and '60's, the prevailing attitude toward females was that they should marry and establish families their natural abilities and energies seemed to be overlooked and devalued.

Jan's education in the college years was diverse: her attraction to art manifested itself in teaching art and earning a Masters degree in art education from Arizona State University. She taught art for nine years in the junior high school in Tempe, Arizona. She also attended Northern Arizona University (NAU) as well as the University of Arizona. Jan attained a Masters degree in Counseling from ASU, enabling her to establish a practice as a Therapist and Counselor.

Until recently, her own paintings lay dormant like life in the summer desert. Now, with maturity, her longing found expression in the painting of the female form, allowing her to explore the power and mystery of women and the feminine spirit. She uses live models in her work and sometimes paints from photographs of an individual. Jan has also painted "critters" as she has a love for animals.

There is always someone in our lives who mentors us and helps us develop our abilities to the fullest. For Jan, that person is Lu Bellamak. Ms. Bellamak holds painting workshops from October through May.

Jan's mission is to use dark and light, color and shade, line and form to explore both the masculine and feminine spirit. Her wonderful and interesting paintings are on display at the Feminine Mystique Art Gallery in Tubac, Arizona. The gallery exhibits and sells the art of women exclusively.