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Louis Cantillo

Louis Cantillo is best known for his vibrant landscape photography (of Old World Europe) and his collection of doors and windows of the world. Louis has a gift for capturing unique perspectives on the familiar, through careful composition and use of color, texture, and contrast.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Louis became interested in photography at an early age. He studied photography at Houston Community College from 1990-1992. An Arizona resident since 1992, Louis was drawn to the southwest by its rugged diversity and many challenges for the professional photographer. While Mr. Cantillo began his photographic career with Arizona landscapes, sunsets, and lightning shots, it was a chance side trip through the barrios of Tucson that led him to his first passion - that of photographing colorful doors and windows of the historic districts of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico. Louis has received national recognition for his images of the El Presidio and Barrio Districts of Tucson.

On his first trip to Europe, about 10 years ago, Louis discovered his most recent passion-doors, windows, alleyways, seascapes, etc. of Old World Europe. You will see from the website, that Italy tops the list for Louis!

Louis's list of places he'd like to explore is long, but some of them are Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Israel, and the list goes on. It is always helpful to know what customers are looking for, therefore we invite you to email us and let us know where you would like Louis to go!