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Marie Barbera

Marie Barbera, is a first generation Italian-American. Her father who emigrated from Italy to the United States in 1915, was a craftsman restoring architectural details on federal and state buildings during the WPA programs of the 1930's. Both Marie and her brother chose to pursue an interest in art while growing up. Married to Frank Barbera in the 1950's, Marie and her husband raised two children and now have two grandchildren as well. After many years as wife and mother, Marie returned to her work and developed the Barbera Studio.

Marie Barbera has exhibited widely throughout the United States and has placed her work in many collections including works collected in Asia. She is represented in Museum Collections and has become a sought after artist working in her genre of figurative Native American bronzes.

As of late, Marie Barbera has started working on and producing life size works that are well suited to public and private outdoor installations. She is an artist who is reaching her prime and looks forward to a productive life as a successful working artist.