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Vermillion Promotions presents Art, Wine, Culinary Festivals in Arizona

Mary Beier

About the Artist
I am a Metal Sculptor / Painter. My work is about everyday life, people, places, and moments. It is an evolving process as I journey through my life. My art subtly changes as my perceptions of things change. What does not change is the source of my Work ~ my heart and soul. I split my time between my studio in Sacramento, California and my studio in Phoenix, Arizona.

About the Art
I have created what I call "Metal Sculpted Paintings". My Canvas of choice is Aluminum, I shear sheets of metal in every size possible, I then grind, (etch) by hand, the designs into the metal. The design is free-handed with grinding patterns in different directions to create depth and movement. When I apply the paint to each picture this illusion of depth then appears when viewed from different angles. Since my art does not require a frame, each art piece is sealed to protect the paint. Every piece of art I create is an ORIGINAL. I make each piece one at a time by hand. I have been working with Metal for about 8 years and I hope to create art for the rest of my life.