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Vermillion Promotions presents Art, Wine, Culinary Festivals in Arizona

Sheri and Ralph Meldrum

Sheri and Ralph, a husband/wife team, passionately continue to follow their artistic dreams. Living in Arizona's Sonoran Desert, they are influenced by the desert beauty and its ancient cultures. Born in Montana, Sheri was inspired by the beauty of the land and its native people. Her many years studying various art media, from painted ceramics to textile arts and leather, have influenced her creation of metal sculptures.

Sheri's designs are beautifully executed by Ralph, who has had years of experience as a master engineer. Their collective collaborations continue to receive national recognition. Desiring collectors all the way from Maine to California consistently support their art.

Limited editions of each design are unique and individual -- no two are ever the same. Each piece is hand-forged, hand-shaped, welded and specially designed. Working in copper, steel and brass, their unusual patinas beautifully enhance each sculpture.

Each sculpture is finished with a protective clear coat or lacquer or an oil-based finish. Some pieces are enhanced with paint and/or beadwork. Only high quality beads are used, from jewelry-quality turquoise and handmade antique glass beads to bone, shell and metal beads.