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Pam Reinke

"Who am I?" That's hard to answer...I think it could be stated that I am an odd combination of super silly and super serious...part adult and part child!

Loving still my bat man cape, bubbles, pinwheels and radio red flyers, Devoted to paying attention to whatever passionate possibility is available in the moment!

I have been drawing and writing since I was 6 years old. Having had a great imagination, I believed I was some misplaced warrior child from Africa growing up in Duluth Minnesota. (Never really outgrew that) It was a dramatic and creative childhood, but the verbal language difficult, so I journaled my thoughts, poetry being a more natural language! It was more than just a love a words, I loved color as well. And a box of crayons was one of my greatest treasures, I loved all the pointed colors and the potential of magic that box represented. Never outgrew that either, everything still bold, bright and outlined in black. Dr. Suess, my first love, a master poet and illustrator has inspired me into adulthood.

So I got my degree in teaching and art at the University of Duluth....but really, does anyone care about that? What matters is I took a chance on being a full time Artist 19 years ago and have made a humble yet exciting career from it! I have eight distinct styles of work that are commercially based in 300 self published designs! Magnetic Women, Brat Cats, When I was a Puppy, Whimsical Southwest, Confetti and Inspirational Poetry and the ever popular Wild Women series. With a licensing contract with Blue Mountain Art Greeting Cards, two self published books Paper Rain and Pieces of Light.

I am not only a local but a national selling artist! When I can, I write and paint things that are less commercially based, to feed my soul. I have been fortunate to realize many dreams and believe so strongly in following your fire...whatever that passion is!

The non art things I love are...kite flying, speed skating, drumming, Outrigger canoe Racing, stand up Paddle boarding, Hoop dancing boating, skiing, dancing and yoga! I live life in high gear and believe in what my favorite poet Mary Oliver asks, "how will you live your one precious and wild life?" I say, "like a wagon ride down a grassy slope, maybe too big but not too old to seek the adventure in every moment and see what happens?" What next? Poetry work shops and I am thinking a "Wild Women School"? Why not!

Thank you for being an audience to my work. I am sincerely grateful!

About the Art

I started off with something to say...okay with a lot to say...I was shy at one time and wrote volumes. To date, my journal notebooks number in the 50's. Stepping aside from the emotional impact of the words, I collected them together and saw an universal message. I was astounded by the response when I presented them 16 years ago on pegboard walls at my first festival, all hand done in calligraphy. As time went on I gratefully was able to incorporate the miracle of computer fonts into my work. About the same time I thought my buying audience too emotional towards my work and decided a balance was in order. So the Glyphies arrived, whimsical stick figures inspired by the ancient rock art petroglyphes. The bright colors and playful, simple messages caught on. Then I turned 40 and got more sassy, so Art with an Attitude became another style. I became the cohabitant with an unusual cat that was such a brat she needed to earn her keep, she inspired Brat Cats. My long love for Africa, dance, and a new found passion for being myself showed up as the Wild Women, the female version of the Glyphies. Then I had a Heart year, trying to celebrate it, heal it, ignite it, and another new style was born in Wild at Heart. Then I got a dog and discovered there was a lot to say about that as well. So When I was a Puppy was added. My most recent is the Scrambled Women, semi serious looking paintings with words that are meant to be multi meaning, funny or saying something else? I am super excited about the this new direction and the ideas that are flooding towards me.

While, I love all medias, I have never outgrown crayola crayons, so it continues to show up wherever I can include it. My work includes primarily, acrylics, tissue paper, watercolors, crayons, hand made paper and the cards are created using original paper scraps, computer graphics and fonts. The brighter the better with black as the contrast! I am a one woman operation and like it that way. I have ten departments and I am the head of each and its only employee. With over 300 designs in print, I keep busy trying to create, produce, package and market myself the best I can. For the most part its working and only getting better. The galleries represented here span a 20 year period of ideas, impressions, thoughts of my life as I go along getting older and hopefully wiser.

I am lucky to have a following that appreciates and grows with me...and that fact makes it not just my work but "my life's work." Thanks for looking!