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Vermillion Promotions presents Art, Wine, Culinary Festivals in Arizona

Scott Luchansky

Scott Luchansky has spent most of his adult life in the West where he became deeply involved with the mystique and grandeur of the desert southwest and this culturally diverse setting.

Scott shares his vision through his art in a process that he calls emergence. His illusive images evoke thoughts of Native American tradition, tribal art and beauty of the desert southwest. His creation of sculpture and functional art furniture are expressed through the use of native materials. Saguaro cacti comprise the main body of his work.

Scott has art buyers from many states and internationally. Scott’s work is on display at a variety of art festivals throughout the southwest. To find out where Scott can be seen in the near future, please visit the Show Schedule section. Scott can also be reached at his studio in Wilhoit, AZ at (928) 442-9554.

Most significant about Scott’s work is that it is mainly sculpted from saguaro cactus. These giant cacti are Arizona landmarks, in that they only grow in the Sonoran Desert of the southwestern United States (Arizona). Scientists estimate that these cacti grow over 50 years before they sprout their signature arms. Since many of Scott’s sculptures are made from these arms, it is fair to say that some of his work began growing in Arizona up to one hundred years ago.